E-waste solutions that ensure legal compliance

Many electronics contain sensitive data stored on hard drives and other storage devices, which need to be properly erased to protect against identity and intellectual property theft. Legally, electronic data must meet the same compliance laws as paper documents, and the normal process of erasing data does not ensure it is permanently deleted.

When you partner with Pinnacle Office Solutions, you won’t need to worry about compromising confidential information stored on your electronics—we guarantee your data security. Pinnacle’s e-waste partners remove and destroy all data and software in accordance with Department of Defense (DOD) standard DOD 5220.22M. Our partners are NIST 800-88 compliant and validated by an independent party to guarantee compliance.

Pinnacle is also committed to recycling used electronics in a manner that fully complies with state and federal laws, and protects the environment. Computers, cell phones, copiers, printers, microwaves, TVs, and fax machines contain toxic substances that impact our environment and health. Many states have passed laws regulating e-waste to protect our air and water resources. Our partners are R2/RIOS certified and are also ISO 9001 & 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

As your company strives to compete using the latest technologies, it will continue to discard obsolete and broken electronics. To reduce your liability and ensure that your e-waste and confidential information are properly destroyed, contact Pinnacle Office Solutions.