Regency Franchise Group “Makes Its Own Luck”

Over 60 Regency Franchise Group (RFG) owners, sales professionals, and staff descended on the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on June 21-24 for the RFG National Sales Conference with the SP Richards ABC Show, which served as a backdrop.

This year’s theme of “Make Your Own Luck” reinforced the focus of the meeting –for sales reps to share best practices and success stories with their peers through the Value2 Cup contest.  Six finalists presented their case studies over the course of two days – highlights included: leading with an apparel program and leveraging that success into print and supplies, using an MPS contract to pull in office products that historically had been decentralized, a 1st year rookie landing a $250,000 deal, and re-writing an RFP to knock out the competition.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the presentations, though not surprised,” said Eric Beguelin, RFG Managing Partner. “We deliver value to our customers that they can’t get anywhere else, and our franchisees have a tremendous opportunity to grow by bringing these solutions to their current customers.”  The candidates also had some fun and showed their creative side, which included a live video customer “interview,” an appearance from Perceived High Value Service Offerings Man, an in presentation smart phone survey, and the dance to end all dances.

The Value2 Cup winner was awarded the Cup during awards night, taking home $5,000 in cash – assuming he didn’t lose it at the black jack table later that evening. Other important topics covered at this year’s event were the introduction of the franchise development group, including the Growth Team, which will be led by Jonathan Durham and Chris Hickman.  The Growth Team will be deployed within the entire RFG organization with the mission to grow top line revenue significantly over the next 12 months. RFG also introduced the TCPN program, with more information on how to integrate TCPN into the RFG tool kit to follow soon.